Ice Roll Factory

Ice cream rolls is a new concept that’s taken over most dessert parlours, however there’s only a few that can do it right. One that can is Ice Roll Factory in Keighley.

That’s us; Wild, loud and with a sweet tooth. We tried out nearly everything on the menu from Vimto blizzards to chocolate fudge cakes, ice cream rolls to waffle sticks and not one complaint!

I like my desserts quite light so I got a waffle stick. There was quite a few toppings to choose from, I chose Heaven. Heaven gave grace to its name with its sprinkles and marshmallows all drizzled in Nutella. It also came with a fresh roll of ice cream and squirt of cream.

A lot of desserts usually leave you with a stodgy, sickly, bloated feeling however this was very light. The waffle still kept its original fluffy feel to it and the toppings reflected the same to compliment.

For their full menu check out their Instagram page icerollsfactory or their website. They also do deliveries and cater for events.

Visited 30.01.18.

With love

Hafsah x


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