Ezra and Gil

Ezra and Gil

Happy Pancake Day!

Ezra and Gil is a trendy uptown cafe based in Manchester City Centre. It’s quite a large cafe and has a vast seating area. With its wooden floors and open stone walls the cafe carries a popular urban culture atmosphere. As soon as we stepped in we noticed the diversity of customers; friends chatting over hot drinks, families enjoying a late lunch, solo customers reading a book and students working on Mac books. It was clear to see the cafe had a very welcoming environment.

Another aspect we noticed was how clean the cafe was. Tables were cleared as soon as the customers had left. All tables were spaced out nicely creating an intimate atmosphere, making it easy to conduct deep, personal conversations for hours on end. Delicate pretty flowers were placed on each table, as well as cute large jars containing white and brown sugar cubes, a well replenished bucket of utensils and a small lit tea light.

However unlike other cafes I’ve been to recently Ezra & Gils menu is quite limited. A little note was attached to their wooden clipboard menu detailing their pancake day special – Crushed Oreo on a stack of pancakes served with whipped cream. Despite it being Pancake Day I would’ve expected more variety. I’m not the biggest Oreo fan and would’ve preferred a pancake with a chocolate spread and maybe strawberries or just lemon and maple syrup. Nonetheless we had no choice but to order two Crushed Oreo Pancakes.

To accompany our pancakes we also ordered two hot chocolates. On a cold day such as today a mug of rich hot chocolate is the best Winter warmer. Again there wasn’t much of a variety with the hot chocolate other than being about to request whipped cream for an additional 20p. We had to wait by the counter to collect our hot drinks to take them to our table. This meant the hot drinks were luke warm (nearly cold) by the time the waiter brought over the pancakes.


However I can’t complain the hot chocolate was divine. The chocolate was not overly rich and carried a creamy character. The texture and the sweetness were of the right balance. I’m assuming I would’ve enjoyed it even more if I had had it piping hot with my meal.

First impression of the pancakes was where were the pancakes? The pancakes were covered in a large layer of whipped cream, whilst I can imagine some customers may enjoy a large amount of whipped cream – I didn’t. My pancakes weren’t piping hot and I’m assuming the large load of whipped cream didn’t help that either.


The menu stated a stack of pancakes however there was only two. Initially I was slightly annoyed that at £7.50 there was only two pancakes. However as I began to get through my first pancake I soon realised two was more than enough. The pancakes were fluffy and light but were at least over an inch thick. After finishing my first pancake I couldn’t eat anymore.

It is reasonably priced coffee shop and the service and atmosphere is exceptional. We couldn’t help but notice the special little complimentary touches around the cafe. There’s a water fountain with little lemon slices as you walk in and a jar of dog treats beside it. It’s lovely to see establishments that actually do put their customers needs first and are pet friendly.

Their Instagram bio describes Ezra and Gil as being ‘an evolutionary concept in urban coffee, cafe culture and general provisions.’ Don’t let their food pictures on Instagram fool you it is definitely leaning more towards a coffee shop than an actual cafe. Whilst their menu is quite limited they did have a lot of fresh shortbreads, biscuits and cakes displayed by the front desk.

I do think I would visit again and would recommend the coffee shop to others. However next time I think Ill just get a hot drink with a fresh bun and just enjoy the atmosphere!

I hope you all enjoyed your pancake day! If you have any suggestions on where I should try out next please let me know in the comment section below.

Lots of Love, Hafsah x


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