George’s Great British Kitchen – Leeds

George’s Great British Kitchen – Leeds

George’s GBK is an amazing restaurant in Leeds City Centre. George’s prides itself on its traditional all British menu with a slight modern multi cultural twist. The ‘Great British‘ menu, which is presented like a good old fashioned newspaper, enthusiastically declares things to be ‘ruddy marvellous‘ or ‘rather splendid and jolly‘. It’s always great to see a restaurant with their own concept that sets them aside from the competition.

To begin with we decided to get one starter to share. We had already picked out our desserts so we needed to make sure we still had room for it at the end. We decided to try out the Charcoal Grilled halloumi served on a light curry bed. It’s an unusual starter and something we’ve never seen combined before.

The Charcoal Grilled Halloumi was beautifully presented on a sweet potato, chickpea and veg curry. The curry was full of flavour and very lightly spiced. The halloumi was perfectly grilled and laying on top of the curry had given it a slight kick too. My only regret was that we shared it as I could’ve eaten it all myself and then some more. It was really nice and I actually can’t wait to revisit so I can have it again.


For our mains we got the Ultimate Bbq Cod Sub and the Chickpea and Goats Cheese Burger. We got chips with one dish and then paid an extra £1.50 for sweet potato chips to go along with the other. There was quite a lengthy wait time for our main meal so we decided to take our drinks outside and enjoy the sun whilst we waited. The decking area outside fronts on to Headrow, it’s one of the most busiest roads in the city centre so it’s nice to be able to sit outside and people watch.

£2.50 for a glass bottle of coke

If you’re a fan of seaside fresh fish you will love George’s menu. They pride themselves on fresh traditionally cooked fish and the BBQ Cod Sub didn’t disappoint. If you’re not a seafood regular at first glance it can look slightly off putting however take my word for it it tasted delicious. Think of it as a fish butty but completely upscaled and without all the grease.

The chips that accompanied were to die for! Thickly cut, twice cooked and light handedly salted. Real seaside chips!


Whilst I enjoyed half of the cod sub, the Chickpea and Goats Cheese burger was the real winner! Im the biggest meat fan but I can honestly say I would swap for this burger at every chance if I could. The chickpea and sweet pepper patty was amazing, lightly crispy and savoury on the outside but delicate and soft on the side. Bounds of flavour and the goats cheese on top everything about it was delicious.

The sweet potato chips kept up with deliciousness of everything else we had eaten. Very crispy but still flavoursome. All our mains came with a sweet mayo dip, the food itself had so much flavour that I barely even touched it.


+ £1.50 for sweet potato chips

My foodbae got the most exciting drink ever which was basically like a dessert in itself. Candy Baby is George’s own take on rhubarb and custard as a drink. It’s mixed with lemon juice and their own passion fruit syrup. It’s served in a tall glass with a big cloud of candy floss. The actual drink itself tastes exactly like the rhubarb and custard sweets – It’s definitely a drink that will take you back to your childhood.


All the portion sizes so far had been on a grand scale and whilst we shared everything, ordering two desserts after everything we had already eaten was not the smartest decision we’ve ever made. Nonetheless for our actual desserts we got Doughnuts and Cadbury’s Fudge Finger Rolls.

The doughnuts were not what I was expecting. These were more than just homemade doughnuts, these were long strips of seaside doughnuts served with a raspberry and a chocolate dipping sauce and another great blob of candy floss. Again taking me back to my childhood, my only flaw was the doughnuts were topped with too much sugar. I was constantly scraping off the sugar but that’s just my own preference.


The warm Cadbury’s Fudge Finger Rolls was something I really didn’t expect to like. I don’t like fudge finger rolls as it is however these were amazing. They were coated in breadcrumbs and then fried until it’s crispy. It’s drizzled in sticky goodness and melts in your mouth. Even thought it was presented beautifully with vanilla ice cream it wasn’t the most photogenic dessert. I thought it was perfect – it’s what’s on the inside that counts anyway 🙄


The food is on the pricey side but I do think it’s absolutely worth it. The service was impeccable; we had two fantastic waiters. Really friendly and chatty, took their time out to explain but also recommend dishes. The atmosphere and environment was so laid back and relaxed that we spent a lot of hours there. Would definitely recommend and I actually can’t wait to revisit!

Best wishes, Hafsah x


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