Stories – Leeds

Stories – Leeds

A very minimalistic chic little cafe situated in Leeds – Stories is a bright and airy space with a beautiful aesthetic. Light wood, white surfaces, and pastel coloured cutlery it has that Scandinavian modern decor we often see on our Instagram newsfeeds (+Ikea). The environment is a perfect spot to enjoy a light coffee over a little chit chat.

Stories main focal point is to create simple food from quality local ingredients. The owner Emily Crocker explains “While our menu might be smaller than other cafes, we feel that it is in no way lacking in the care and attention that has been poured into creating it… With a focus on local, seasonal and quality ingredients, our menu is based around small plates of delicious food.” Fussy eaters may want to scan the menu on their Website before visiting. Their menu is quite basic and dare I say boring however there is a lot of options for vegan or gluten free eaters.

Even though it wasn’t on the menu we ordered a pot of English tea – we tried to order a hot chocolate but were told they had ran out. A disappointing start.


I’ve got to admit it did take us a while to choose what to eat. Nothing really jumped out at us on the menu. In the end we decided to order the Sweet Potato fritters and the Pouched Eggs on Toast.

The pouched eggs on sourdough bread were just as simple as they were described on the menu; basic poached eggs and sourdough toast. The eggs were runny – great! But the bread was far too tough to even cut with a knife. In my opinion the sourdough bread wasn’t soft enough to compliment the eggs. The bread had to be physically ripped apart. Even if they had served it with a hollandaise sauce which traditionally most places do it still wouldn’t have helped.


The sweet potato fritters were unfortunately just as disappointing. Usually sweet potato fritters are grilled patties made with a mix of sweet potato, zucchini, spices, herbs, spring onion covered in an egg and then lightly grilled. However these fritters broke at the slightest touch and all that was left was grated slices of sweet potato fritters and large cuts of spring onion. It lacked any sort of flavour. As the sweet potato fritters didn’t come with anything I asked for hummus to accompany. The hummus unfortunately was dry and stale.


+ £1 for the bowl of hummus

I understand that Stories have a very unique concept but compromising on flavours really brings this place down. A lot of the food seemed quite lazy rather than simplistic.

The atmosphere and environment was relaxing but unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend Stories unless it was just to sit with a coffee.

Lots of love, Hafsah x

EDIT: Stories have stopped trading and are permanently closed as from the 7th May.

… not surprised.


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