I write a lot. I eat out a lot. Combine the two and here we are with a food blog.

It all started in 2016; upon passing my driving test and getting my first car I began creating a list of places to visit. Mainly places to eat whether it was brunch, dinner or desserts it was on the list.

For every one place I ticked off I added at least another five. To date there are about 100 places I have to visit and the list is still growing. As sad as it sounds it actually brings me happiness ticking off places I’ve visited on my list.

I’m forever getting asked on eateries to visit or recommendations on what to get. It made sense to create a platform on where I can reflect my opinions all in one place.

Moreover it’s a space where I can collect my thoughts and put them into words. I don’t write with the actual intention of anyone even reading this.

It’s just for me, myself and I.