Chaophraya Leeds


From the moment we walked in the atmosphere was amazing. We were culturally greeted by the staff and there was a strong but nice smell of burning incense sticks to set the decorum. The Thai atmosphere was set from our first step in!

We reserved our table at 8.30pm but arrived early so we waited by the bar until it was ready. For drinks we ordered the Chaophraya Fruit Punch which contained Pineapple juice, orange juice, lime juice, gomme & grenadine and we ordered the Mai Mao which had the Mango juice, lychee juice mixed with raspberries, blackberries & strawberries.

Both drinks were really nice; even with such strong flavours it was mixed very well so all the flavours really complimented each other. Whilst I love anything with grenadine my favourite was the Mai Mao. I very rarely see lychee on the menu, and this was balanced beautifully with mango, strawberries and a hint of berries.

£4.50 each

We were sat upstairs by the large glass floor-length windows. The decor was beautiful and had a persistent Thai feel throughout. It was a little noisier upstairs than downstairs, we had a large table next to us that were quite loud which often meant that waiters couldn’t hear us calling them and we couldn’t hear them.

For starters we ordered the Chaophraya Platter for two. The platter contained Chicken satay, Thai fish cakes, chicken spring rolls, prawn tempura and papaya salad bowl.

£10 pp

The spicy Thai Fish Cakes blended with green beans, lime leaves and red curry sauce had a very different texture that I couldn’t get used to. It was slightly rubbery but greasy. The lemongrass was slightly over powering and it just wasn’t to my liking. I think I might try it again elsewhere just to confirm my dislike before I completely rule it out though!

The Chicken Satay came on bamboo skewers. I’m not the biggest chicken fan but I loved these! The chicken was grilled but still remained soft, and was drizzled in a yoghurt chutney. My only complaint was that there wasn’t enough!

Another favourite was the Chicken Spring Rolls. The crispy spring rolls were beautifully filled with chicken, carrot, cabbage and vermicelli. Delicious! However the rolls could have been mistaken for vegetable spring rolls as there was only a minute amount of chicken inside.

Papaya Salad is something I’ve never tried before. It’s shredded papaya with peanuts, carrots seasoned with garlic, chilli and lime. Again I found the lime just slightly overpowering, whilst the flavours were nice I wouldn’t be in a hurry to order the papaya salad again.

Another that I haven’t tried previously is the Prawn Tempura. It’s simply prawns in a light crispy batter – similar to onion rings except trading the onion for prawns. It was nice and light, sometimes prawns can taste rubbery and slimy but this didn’t. Would definitely recommend!

The peanut sauce pictured at the top is served with the chicken satay. Quite a creamy sauce, wasn’t too thick and went well with most of the starters as well as the skewers. The second sauce was a sweet chilli dip, this sauce is usually served with most of the starters on the menu. Again it’s another sauce that really complimented all the food within the platter.

Priced at £10 per person, it is a little bit steep. Especially as the portions were quite small however I’ve never had Thai food before so we thought it’d be a good idea to try out everything. Now that I know what I like I would definitely order the chicken satay, chicken spring rolls and the prawn tempura again.

For our main meal we ordered Thai Green Chicken Curry, Massaman Lamb Curry and Chicken Pad Thai Noodles. For sides we ordered Sticky Rice and Coconut Rice.

The Thai Green Chicken Curry is chicken breast cooked in coconut milk with Thai aubergine and courgettes. Don’t let the coconut milk fool you, it’s quite a spicy curry especially when garnished with basil and fresh chillies. It had a sweet but spicy feel to it.


Massaman Lamb Curry was my absolute favourite! I actually wished I hadn’t ordered anything else and just had this curry! Tender lamb skewed in yet again coconut milk, carrots, potatoes, baby onions, garnished with cashew nuts and chillies. It’s not as spicy as the Thai green but still had a subtle fire to it. The actual Massaman itself is tumeric, cardamom, cinnamon and chillies, all flavours that I’m used to and love!


Lastly for our mains we ordered the Chicken Pad Thai Noodles. We couldn’t have eaten Thai food without ordering the National dish of Thailand. It contained such a mixture but the flavours were so complimenting! I’ve never had stir fried rice noodles with chicken, tofu, spring onion, carrots, egg, sweet turnip and bean sprouts. I’d never had thought chicken and tofu would mix as well as it did with so much veg but it did!


To go with our mains we ordered the Sticky Rice and the Coconut Rice. Both side dishes were very nice and carried their own unique flavour. My favourite was the coconut rice, to say most of our mains contained coconut I thought the coconut rice would be too much but in reality it went really nicely with both curries.

Sticky Rice £3.50

Coconut Rice £3.80

Couldn’t fault the mains, everything was delicious. Portions are quite large and for a table of two I think one main and a side would have been enough for us. Overall it was a lovely experience, service could have been slightly better but it was a busy Friday night.

Lamb and chicken are halal, we requested halal when we booked but I don’t think it’d be an issue to request when placing your order.

There’s also a 2 for 1 offer on mains between Sunday to Thursday. We didn’t use this offer but we saw it advertised on our way in and it’s also on their website too.

Visited 26.01.18

With love

Hafsah x

P.s a special recognition to my foodbae Fizza. Literally made all my food dreams come true ♥️